America oh America

America – land of the free, home of the brave has been the center of a lot of events going on in the US of recent – there have been the famous ones like the deaths of Gerald Ford, James Brown; the collapse of Britney Spears; the Washington School shooting but also the less famous ones notably the heroic rescue of a teenager from the New York subway by a 50 year old man.

President Gerald Ford was laid to rest today in Michigan. I really didn’t know much about him but while reading his story on Wikipedia, it struck me that he was the first and only person to be both Vice President & President of the United States without seeking for the office(s). That is a very rare thing today especially in Nigeria (who wouldn’t want to be the “almighty” president & C-in-C?). Read details here

Another high school shooting involving teenagers happened on Wednesday in Washington. The police have arrested a suspect and have him in their custody. One student was shot and fatally wounded and its a pity that this has to occur again. I think there have to be tighter gun control laws in place to try and curb this sort of events. Also, i believe the more important step to solving this problem is the proper upbringing and instillation of morals in the youth of America. Parents need to lay a good example for their kids to follow and also help their kids to tackle unresolved “growing up” issues. Details here

A 50 year old father of three, Wesley Autrey, jumped in front of a subway train to save the life of a young man who had fallen onto the tracks. Wesley who was at the station with his two daughters saw the young man fall and dove in after him and pulled him into some kind of drainage. They both came out alive as the engine driver saw what looked like bodies and pulled the emergency brakes coming to a stop just inches away. That’s a real HERO! Details here


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