Being Politically Correct!!!

It’s all about being PC these days. You have to talk right to avoid offending people. Here are a few examples…

You don’t say Black
You say African-American, Afro- Caribbean and for a thorough bred African or non White person, you say Ethnic.

You don’t say Baa Baa Black Sheep
It’s Baa Baa Woolly Sheep

You don’t say Blackboard
You say whiteboard or Wipe board

You don’t say Fat
You say overweight

You don’t say Disabled
You say Otherwise Abled

You don’t say Short
You say Vertically Challenged

You don’t say Cold Blooded, Heartless, Vicious little Creep
You say Thermostatically Defunct

You don’t say Merry Christmas
You say Happy Holidays

You don’t say Homosexual
You say Alternative Lifestyle

You don’t say Husband/Wife
You say Partner

You don’t say I believe in God
You say I am Spiritual

You don’t say Brainstorm
You say CloudBurst or Word/Thought Shower

You don’t say Blind
You say Visually Impaired

You don’t say Clumsy
You say Uniquely Coordinated

You don’t say Chairman
You say Chairperson or simply, Chair

You don’t say Fail or Failure
You say Deferred Success

You say it’s being Politically Correct
I say what a crock of …*Bleep, Bleep, Bleep*


~ by bizzle4rizzle on January 16, 2007.

3 Responses to “Being Politically Correct!!!”

  1. Nice blog U have here.
    Saw ur blog address on Nairaland.
    I go by the screen name Brainyme there

    take care and U can pop over at ma own blog too.

  2. Hi Bizzle, just wanted to let you know how great a blog u got there. It’s really cool and quite up to date.
    I’m a new member of Nairaland and i’ve gone through some of your stuff. Very good work. I’ll like to see more stuff on your page.
    Take care bro,


  3. So true! Everything has to be Politically Correct. You never know whose delicate sensibilities you might end up hurting… right?

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