5 minutes to Armageddon!

Doomsday Clock

The Doomsday Clock has just been set to 5 minutes to midnight. The Clock is used as a gauge to indicate mankind’s proximity to catastrophic destruction–the figurative midnight and the time lingers just short of midnight, midnight representing nuclear war leading to an end of human civilization as we know it. First and foremost, these include nuclear weapons, but they also encompass climate-changing technologies and new developments in the life sciences and nanotechnology that could inflict irrevocable harm. The most recent movement is to to highlight the “Most Perilous Period Since Hiroshima and Nagasaki.”

It was introduced by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists in 1947 and maintained by its Board of Directors. The clock was started in 1947 and set at 7 minutes to midnight during the Cold War. It has been as close as 2 minutes to midnight in 1953 after the US & Soviet Union tested thermonuclear bombs and has been as far away as 17 minutes to midnight in 1991, after the United States and Soviet Union signed an arms-reduction treaty. It was last moved in 2002 when it was moved from 9 to 7 minutes to midnight due to little progress made on global nuclear disarmament, the United States rejecting a series of arms control treaties and announcing its intentions to withdraw from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty and terrorists seeking to acquire nuclear weapons.

The official announcement of the most recent change to five minutes to midnight took place on January 17, 2007 at 14:30 hours GMT.

Doomsday Clock Timeline


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