Lagos Traffic

Lagos traffic jam

Lagos traffic! Once you have experienced it, you have a story to tell your grand kids (but they will probably experience it themselves, so save it). It is one of those things that make Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial nerve centre unique. Most commuters leave home as early as 4, 5 a.m. to beat the traffic, but can you really beat the traffic? So what causes the incessant hold-ups (or “go-slow” as we call it)? Well, there are a multitude of reasons…bad roads, lawless driving, police checkpoints, roadside markets, fuel shortages, religious meetings etc.

Yomi has a few rules about driving in Lagos, Chxta has some more….”Shoko Loko Bangoshe” discusses the Anatomy of a Lagos traffic jam.

How to beat the traffic? If you are rich enough, you can buy a helicopter to fly you around or if you still want to go terrestrial you can get a siren-loaded escort car…it splits the traffic like a hot knife through butter. OR…you could simply stay at home, afterall the traffic won’t come and meet you at home (but you may be sacked and eventually starve to death).

Lagos traffic jam II


~ by bizzle4rizzle on February 8, 2007.

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