Who is the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s Baby?

Anna Nicole Smith & baby with one of the “fathers” - Howard Stern

After the death of A.N.S , the question on everyone’s lips is – who is the father of her baby, Dannielynn Hope? There are 3 men in the picture – Howard Stern, her lawyer; Larry Birkhead, her former boyriend &  Prince Frederic Von Anhalt, Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband.  A fourth man comes into the fray, albeit from the grave – her dead billionaire husband, J. Howard Marshall after it was revealed by her half-sister, Donna Hogan, that she froze his sperm and may have used it to get pregnant.

So why is the paternity of this baby so important to all these men (except the dead one, of course!)? Well, that’s easy – MONEY! Millions of it. The fate of Marshall’s fortune is yet to be determined as a legal battle is still ongoing and ANS’s estate stands to gain about half a billion dollars.

But why all this fuss over the paternity issue? Is it not as easy as having a DNA test done? So why hasn’t it been done? The matter is in the courts now…let’s see how it plays out.

Meanwhile, Dannielyn is reportedly in the Bahamas, where she was born.


~ by bizzle4rizzle on February 11, 2007.

4 Responses to “Who is the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s Baby?”

  1. Its an intriguing story that gets more interesting as it unfolds or should I say unravels?

  2. Personally I feel sorry for Howard Stern, I think he truley believes he is the father and loves that baby girl and is the only one that doesnt have money as a motivie. The white trash mom needs to go back where she came from. There was obviously a reason Ann wanted nothing to do with her.

  3. just get the dna test dont , what are they waiting for, and the real father should raise the child, what is stern scared of, something sounds fishy, what is with the delays?

  4. I’t doesn”t take this long of a time to find out who is the father of the baby. If it’s Larry than let’s give him the
    baby so she can know her father.

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