Much Ado About Val’s Day.

Pink rose

It’s Val’s Day again and so much money, time & effort has gone into preparing for today, V-Day. It’s one BIG commercial gimmick. I am not really into Val’s like that but one has to get into the groove if you want to please the babe(s) :). I believe that everyday should be a day for demonstrating LOVE, we don’t have to wait for one special day to show that.

I think I am going to just sit quietly at home and just wait the night out (since wifey is not around & i dont want to spend my hard earned money on the “insignificant” others, at least not today!).

Here are some links to Valentine related stuff:

History of Valentine

Valentine Fun

Valentine Crossword

Valentine Hangman

P.S – Did U know there was an Anti-Valentine Day? I didn’t know. The Toronto Star has an article here.


~ by bizzle4rizzle on February 14, 2007.

One Response to “Much Ado About Val’s Day.”

  1. In reality, commerce has become the driving force of most major holidays or events – Valentine’s, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc! One thing they all have in common is that retailers make tons of money during these periods.

    There’s really nothing to it. If we all learn to walk and live in love on a daily basis, we wouldn’t need a special day once a year in which we are required to empty our pockets to prove that we love someone.

    PS: Thanks for the link 😉

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