Britney’s gone bald!

Bald Britney

Britney Spears is now a baldie! She just went to a hair salon and voila!… Shaven and shorn Britney! Wow! What a look!

The mother of two, who has been (in)famously in the news recently for late-night partying, indecent exposure and drug and alcohol use, decided to go for the look because she said she was tired of everyone touching her (what does that have to do with her hair, i wonder). She also visited a tattoo parlour and got a few tattoos.

Well, whatever will she come up with next…

Shave ‘em off Britney


~ by bizzle4rizzle on February 19, 2007.

3 Responses to “Britney’s gone bald!”

  1. I wonder what goes through her mind.. this is WEIRD!

  2. She needs to get a grip in my opinion!!

  3. She’s obviously become a little unstable, going in, out and back into rehab.

    As usual, the commerce dimension has been introduced – her shorn hair is supposedly up for sale on eBay! People are mad.

    The other time, it was the first ‘pu’ of some actor’s baby. Now, its Britney’s hair. You know something is wrong with people when they start placing monetary value on absolutely valueless things.

    I do pray that she is able to find help.

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