Tell Me…What Scares a Man?

Men would claim to be rarely scared but I must admit that there are quite a number of things that I am scared of but I won’t be listing them here 🙂 .

According to David Zinczenko, there are 15 things men are scared of :

#15 Hair in the drain.
#14 Getting caught noticing another woman.
#13 Rejection.
#12 Super Nanny.
#11 Speedos.
#10 His dad’s death.
#9 Her tears.
#8 Being a lousy lover.
#7 Not being a god to his kids.
#6 Living paycheck to paycheck.
#5 Beautiful women.
#4 Getting naked.
#3 Tofurky.
#2 Not seeing his kids grow up.
# 1 Public humiliation.

Well, I will agree with  #1, 2, 8, 11, 13…

What do you think?


~ by bizzle4rizzle on February 22, 2007.

2 Responses to “Tell Me…What Scares a Man?”

  1. I agree with 8, 13 11(put it away please)

    Other things that scare me:
    Tofu–So wet and jiggly
    Manic Depressant Medication
    Chyna(the ex female wrestler)
    The Lint Balls under the couch
    DEEP DEEP DEEP Water (Yes I can swim!!!)

  2. LOL Justin!!!

    I agree with you on Chyna…the thot of her alone has me shuddering…

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